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Pint X2R 3.5ah Over 2X Range Extender Kit

Pint X2R 3.5ah Over 2X Range Extender Kit

*Update 7/2021: Will only work on pints Hardware 5314 and firmware 5050 and older*


*new kits come WITH EZ-X2R wiring system**voltmeter add-on available- now with EZ wiring (no soldering) connect (for front control box)* (makes it easier to monitor remaining voltage/range without having to connect/disconnect the app to check board voltage in settings) Kits made to order - current lead time: 10 days (or less) Love your Onewheel Pint but want more?Go on group rides but just can't hang with XR's?Wanna be in the cool kids club?Hate the bulky look of current extended battery options?Say no more, the X2R (times 2 range) system is here! Full X2R Pint System - with Front Fender - no external battery monitoring required, but optional voltmeter can be used/purchased to monitor remaining voltage on the fly.App remaining estimated mileage will work with pints hw 5300 and fw 5042 or lessHardware 5300+ fw 5042+ - App will not display estimated remaining correctly. When you hit 0%, you will be really at the halfway mark- but the app does work correctly for monitoring. Overall board voltage(located in Settings)will be your new meter for monitoring range left.The board in the video and my personal board, the Pintapple Express is on HW 5314 and Gemini FW 5050 - I've put in around 300 miles on my setup with no issue as of yet. This and any battery extender kit will void your warranty. - full disassembly of board and modification required - video link : Update 4/20/20 - no more soldering needed! - new updating wiring kit: *all new kits will include the EZ style wiring* 3.5 AH Sanyo batteries for over double the range of stock battery 30-day limited warranty on battery, so long as it hasn't been tampered with. to be used in conjuction with the stock built in battery pack recharges via stock or ultra charger comes with all wiring to install and mounting screws high-capacity lithium battery pack with balance system fenders made of durable, rigid yet flexible weather proof material Hardware screws included to mount fender Fenders, and spare parts including batteries will be available for purchase seperately for X2R owners install service available Gemini FW 5050 users: Onewheel app no longer will work correctly in estimating remaining battery percentage or estimated mileage remaining - the only correct info from the app for remaining battery will be the battery pack voltage. I suggest either getting to know your newfound range and get accustomed to estimating the remaining mileage in comparison to voltage remaining for the system. As a general rule of thumb, once the voltage displays around 56 volts, you are around the halfway mark. I highly encourage never to take your system below 46 volts, your battery will be near empty.Install carefully, follow instructions step by step and ensure that the Pint battery is at the same voltage of the X2R pack at all times. The battery will be shipped at a specific voltage as noted when packed, and the Pint internal battery should match upon first plug-in.Use this product at your own risk - R3D assumes no responsibility for damage to when using this mod.

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