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R3D Vector dock: Ultimate RGB version w/ remote control

R3D Vector dock: Ultimate RGB version w/ remote control

This is the deluxe version and features RGB led's with a wireless remote that you can control the lighting anywhere from different colors to cool pulsating effects.  


latest final version - v1.8


All hail Vector! The king of your desk!

As king, he deserves a proper recharge throne!


Please make sure to use 1.5a charger power supply or more as the led's draw more power


Help Vector find his charger - even in the dark!

Standard or Pen/USB holder version currently available

Rubber pads installed underneath for superior traction on flat surface

led lamp can be removed if not desired

will have interchangable tops in the future if owner desides to swap colors/additional mods to the top base

make sure charger contacts are free of debris and properly aligned- when realigning pins(pulling up slightly with tweezers) make sure to not have charger plugged in.

 comes with free cozmo adapter to charge his friend!


update: 4.11.20- will have new colors available once inventory affected by COVID-19 replenishes

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