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STL file for 3dprint - R3D Vector Charger/Dock with Led lamp

STL file for 3dprint - R3D Vector Charger/Dock with Led lamp

*new version uploaded - use 1.5mm screws and print usb grommet in tpu* 4.18.20

latest final version - v1.8


Help Vector find his charger - even in the dark!

STL files for Vector dock - provisions for led lights 

Standard & Pen/USB holder version included

Print in file orientation w/ supports

Print in pla and have fun with lights and translucent PLA

use rubber strips of grip foam underneath to prevent slip so he can charge correctly

print logo, cut and glue or tape to base - align and test to ensure proper charge

lift and align battery contact tabs to charge properly

light blocker doubles for style colors and to block light when vector's in complete darkness to see charger


width of copper/nickel battery contact plates: 4mm nickel or copper strips


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